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BlueClouds are empowering over 1,500,000+ healthcare professionals and over 70,000 organizations worldwide to connect and share “real-time” information —Saving Time, Saving Money and Saving Lives.

Over a decade ago, the founders of HealthCarePoint, along with several healthcare professionals and some of their family members found themselves facing difficult diagnoses including cancer, paralysis, psychiatric diseases and other disorders. While sharing their personal experience during the process, as both patients and subjects, the founders became disappointed as they struggled with the inefficiencies, redundancies and bureaucratic limitations they encountered within the clinical research system enterprise. This presented a problem they resolved to change. While battling their personal diseases, they found a common purpose: To do everything possible to improve the healthcare and clinical research system by increasing transparency, and becoming more accountable to patients, subjects and the public in general.

How We Give Back

ciscrp-logoThe Research Literacy Connections for Tomorrow’s Cures campaign is a collaboration between the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) and BlueCloud® by HealthCarePoint, for which BlueCloud® will donate one dollar per connection made on its online networking platform for CISCRP, in support of education and outreach to students and their families about clinical research. Dollars raised from the campaign will directly support the development of CISCRP’s Medical Heroes: A Traveling Museum Exhibit, which will engage elementary through high school age children and their families in 12 U.S. cities with interactive and experimental learning about the clinical research process and the role that clinical trials play in advancing public health. To learn more about CISCRP or the Medical Heroes Travel Museum, please visit www.ciscrp.org. Your BlueCloud® connections will make a difference for tomorrow’s cures!

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