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BlueCloud® for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a Healthcare Professional:
Physician, PA, Lab Technician, X-ray Technician, Physical Therapist, Principal Investigator, Research Coordinator, Site Director, Clinical Research Associate, Monitor, Auditor, Regulatory Specialist, Feasibility Specialist, Rater…


  • Set up your own account to track and manage your professional records and credentials (CVs, licensure, certification, training documents)
  • Opt-In to share your professional records with organizations who require up-to-date professional records (e.g. medical groups, hospitals, research sites)
  • Access BlueCloud® Education Network which includes various types of educational activities (e.g. GCP, Human Rights Protection, IATA)
  • Upload educational activities outside of the BlueCloud® Education Network as well
  • Enjoy discounts on various office/medical supplies and equipment with our Savings Club
  • Connect and share your records with other BlueCloud® healthcare organizations

  • Professional Document Management System
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