Tired of Paying Repetitive Costs?…..Missing Study Start Up Deadlines?… Data Variance Delaying Your Study?

What if you could save up to 80% of your budget, accelerate site activation while decreasing fraud and data variance?

BlueCloudX® – Modernizing & Improving the Way Healthcare and Clinical Research Do Business!

Application Suite 

  • Free Healthcare Professional (HCP) GDPRWallets
  • Free Business GDPRDirectories
  • e-Learning Management Systems
  • Multilingual Training Delivery Systems
  • HR Management Systems and more

Private, Secure, Regulated Platform 

A private, secure, regulated, delivery, distribution, implementation and tracking platform which takes the Healthcare Professional owned GDPRWallets containing “real-time” source data such as competency and feasibility records then connects the wallets to GDPRDirectories managed by industry stakeholders such as Sponsors, Universities, CROs, Hospitals for screening and management to solve HR business, feasibility, training, certification, compliance and regulatory needs.


  • Offers reusable technology to make clinical research and healthcare better and faster:
    • Efficiency – save 80% of time and money with basic technology already built
    • Consistency – functions already consistent allowing greater control and scalability
    • Proven – technology vetted, pre-tested, yields assurance it works with no down time