Al O. Pacino, II

President, Co-Founder

A senior executive and with more than 35 years in healthcare and clinical research, Al is an innovator in the industry. He introduced the phenomenon and coined the phrase “trial drift”, and along with other experts in the field, brought to the forefront the issues, causes, consequences and solutions associated with such clinical research phenomenon. With his extensive experience with standardization, collaborative networks creation, Al is currently working alongside industry leaders to eliminate redundancies and minimize costs within healthcare and clinical research. Al is a United States Army veteran and a 14-year head and neck cancer survivor.

John Hill

Vice-President, Co-Founder

John is co-founder and system architect of the global BlueCloud Quality Management System. When he is not building BlueCloud directories or talking APIs with clients, he enjoys spending time with friends, good conversation and any chance to be walked by his American Staffordshire terrier, Shiloh. John lost family to cancer at a young age.

Sheri Campbell

VP Business Collaborations

Sheri has more than 35 years of in-depth experience in start-up and implementation of managed care plans, practice management, clinical research and innovative, global networking technology. She enjoys the challenge and privilege of building healthcare and research company start-ups–from business development to implementation, operations and training/education. Sheri is passionate and driven to make a difference in the healthcare and research industries, as well as the lives of others. She lost her father to cancer.

Corrie Palm

VP Sponsor-CRO-Site Collaborations

Corrie has nearly 20 years in the clinical research industry as a business development/marketing executive and possesses in-depth experience in the areas of patient recruiting and retention, investigative sites and global networking technology. Currently, she works with sponsors, CROs and investigator sites all over the globe to improve patients’ lives. She appreciates the opportunity to blend her creative aptitude and business sense to define strategies and implement plans that get results. Corrie enjoys participating in nationwide and global clinical trials, implementing innovations to improve clinical research and, ultimately, improving patient’s lives. Corrie’s family is fighting leukemia and prostate cancer.

Ryan Clemons

Scientific Advisor

A registered pharmacist with a doctorate in pharmacy, Ryan is always searching for better ways to improve healthcare. He has experience in both clinical research and clinical trial review and is responsible for scientific review and counsel on BlueCloud initiatives. He currently works as a pharmacist in a large national pharmacy chain and is always looking to bring new and innovative processes to standardize and streamline the healthcare process.  Ryan lost family to stroke and cancer.

Yonnie Otieno

BlueCloud Africa Manager

Yonnie is a medical scientist with vast skills, including regional Africa CROs and global research trials network expertise. In addition to  managing multi-site project operations, he has created scientific reports, developed regional diseases mapping tools, managed resource utilization and scale-ups, and advanced research using innovation for purpose. Over the last 10 years, Yonnie has worked in Phase I-IV drug and vaccine studies, regulatory design, research business development management, corporate CRO strategic alignment, CRO sustainable business operations and quality systems oversight, site-compliance management, risk assessment, and business continuity and workflow. Yonnie’s family continuously fights tropical and rare diseases in Africa.

Tigran Arzumanov

BlueCloud Europe Manager

A business development professional with more than 15 years in clinical development and healthcare, Tigran has invaluable experience in strategy, positioning, marketing, as well as organizing, business development and sales. He has worked in CROs, eClinical companies and healthcare technology organizations and was involved in several international IT/high-tech startups, promoting new innovative solutions to hospitals and the clinical development industry globally. Tigran has lost family to diabetes and cancer.

Connie Hill

VP Standards

Connie is a registered nurse certified in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) with more than 30 years of clinical experience and equipped with diverse clinical, operational and regulatory expertise. She has a history of maintaining and growing client relationships and is experienced in project management, consulting and training. Connie possesses a broad knowledge and skills in healthcare disciplines and operations including health plans, hospitals and IPAs and is experienced in healthcare account management, sales and service. Connie also has expertise in product consultation, education and training, standards, quality improvement, regulatory and compliance.  Connie’s family is fighting CNS disorders.

Laura Wright

Director Communications

An advertising, public relations and corporate communications professional for 35 years, Laura has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and virtually every sector, including two dozen science and technology companies and 20 hospitals, clinics and biotechnology, medical device and insurance companies. Laura oversees media strategies to build awareness of BlueCloud’s ability to improve healthcare and clinical research by ensuring record privacy, eliminating redundancy and improving provider compliance to benefit the industry, patients, subjects and the public. Her family suffers from cancer and heart disease.

Matthew Chandler

Manager Media Collaboration

A political science graduate with experience in community outreach and knowledge of public policy, Matthew performs public relations, marketing, social media, sales and advertising for BlueCloud. With his passion for reading and learning, Matthew is always willing to take on new and challenging projects. Matthew’s’ family has a history of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Kyle Monde

Customer Service Manager

Kyle has several years of experience in sales and the customer service industry and is responsible for managing customer and technical support. He is dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations. Kyle’s family is fighting heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Michael Thompson


A practicing artist for more 35 years with a master’s in visual arts, Michael is an experienced college lecturer with media psychology expertise. He has worked in digital media and web-based interfaces for the past 18 years and provides technical and practical support to the BlueCloud team regarding all areas of media. He is also experienced in the needs of the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical research clients. Michael’s family is fighting diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.