BlueCloud Media Services



We offer video production and marketing services to the healthcare and clinical research communities. We are committed to informing the public about innovations, products and services in these realms.

What We Do

BlueCloud Media offers video productions services to global healthcare and clinical research organizations who can utilize our team of writers, editors, graphic artists, marketing specialists and on-camera/voice professionals.  We create videos for marketing campaigns to highlight innovations, products, services and projects in healthcare and clinical research.

Cultivate relationships with thousands of individuals and institutions all over the world:

  • + 2,100,000 HCP and Clinical Research Professionals
  • + 196 countries (1K+/Day)
  • + 200,000 + Global HC and CR Sites and Site Networks
  • + 150+ Sponsors (2 new/ Month)
  • +  45+ CROs (2  new/ Month)
  • +  45+ Educators and Trainers
  • NTL + INTL Universities 
  • NPOs, NGOs and Standards organizations
  • NTL + INTL Governments
  • + 1,500 BlueCloud Systems
  • Underserved Countries Initiatives


  • Increase marketing awareness
  • Share your organization stories, experiences, and innovations​
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