BlueCloud Business GDPRDirectory®

Promote Your Site, Manage Resources and Meet Privacy Requirements in One Secured, Time-Saving Network

BlueCloud Business GDPRDirectory®lets healthcare and research organizations maintain and share BlueCloud Personal GDPRWallet®  containing verified professional, experience and training records, including resumes, job descriptions, licenses, training, education and certifications with other organizations, within a private, opt-in, regulated system for business and compliance purposes.


One Secure, Time-Saving Network for Your Whole Organization

This private, secured, cloud-based directory saves you time and reduces errors and opportunities for fraud and abuse by minimizing redundancy. Use it to create your own customized staff directories, then share them with departments throughout your organization, such as human resources, legal, compliance and marketing.

Document Expiration Alerts

The BlueCloud GDPRDirectory® alerts you when certifications and other training records are about to expire, so your organization can stay in compliance.

Promote your Site to Sponsors, CROs and other Organizations

Use your BlueCloud GDPRDirectory® to build study pipelines. Share your directories with sponsors and CROs allowing them to confirm your staff’s credentials and your total patient count by study indication so they can pre-qualify your site.

  • Ideal for hospitals, universities, research organizations and employers
  • No-cost Basic Membership
  • Meet modern privacy laws
  • Save time, improve productivity
  • Minimize redundancy, reducing errors
  • Reduce fraud and abuse
  • Centralize and manage staff credentials
  • Promote your site