Philanthropy For A Purpose®

Leave No Patient Behind®

Our mission is to make sure no patient is left behind, no matter their race, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, or geographical location in the world. At some point, all of us will be a patient on a journey through the healthcare system. Our network members believe we have an ethical responsibility to leave a better world for future generations.

In our effort to live up to this responsibility, we have created an international goodwill, public benefit service and industry sustainability program. Our team members are patients and survivors. This is personal. Our programs are proactively modernizing the current healthcare and clinical research systems by providing underserved communities with basic business and compliance services and technologies. We provide this basic infrastructure at no charge to hospitals, clinics, universities, not-for-profit organizations, and other qualified industry stakeholders. This allows them to Deliver, Distribute, Implement and Track (DDIT) business, compliance and connectivity processes required by regulatory agencies using smart city building approaches all over the world.

The program began in 2018, with BlueCloud Africa and is expanding to other continents including India, Asia, South America, as well as other underserved areas of the world.


The BlueCloud Philanthropy for a Purpose® initiative partners with global distributors who share our mission and purpose. These authorized distributors are empowered with modern technologies at no cost to them. These technologies empower the ownership of professional information and minimize the costs associated with regulatory requirements in healthcare and clinical research. Documentation of healthcare professional competencies using global education standards improves patient safety and creates better protection for patients and for human research subjects. We do this by providing connectivity to basic e-Learning management systems for education, training and globally accepted Diagnostic Standards of Care. BlueCloud Delivery, Distribution, Implementation and Tracking (DDIT) mechanisms are necessary to document business and regulatory requirements.

Along with BlueCloud Network Members, we continue to identify ways to provide the necessary local infrastructure for compliance and business sustainability. We understand a world with transparent healthcare and clinical research systems will require changes in the status quo and modernizing these systems in underserved areas of the world is essential.

The Philanthropy for a Purpose® initiative is made possible using grants from BlueCloud, which provides customer support, technology, marketing, public relations, and distribution support at no charge to qualified organizations.