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Meet privacy requirements, ensure compliance and expedite hiring through one secured, time-saving network

Among the biggest concerns for healthcare industry administrators are meeting emerging privacy requirements, ensuring staff remains in compliance and vetting new staff pre-hire. BlueCloud GDPRDirectory®  helps take the stress out of staff management with a private secure, cloud-based network that gives you 24/7 access to professional information, control over staff training and compliance and that adheres to modern privacy regulations.

No-Cost BASIC Membership:

  • adhere to modern privacy laws

    Safe, Secured, Regulated Global System

    • BlueCloud hosts healthcare professional experience and other record information in accordance with applicable global laws and regulations such as European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Standard Contractual Clauses and US Privacy Act regulations (e.g. California Consumer Privacy Act), and does so solely for the purpose of connecting such data through opt-out mechanisms and consent from data owner. BlueCloud also follows an array of compliance guidelines including the document 21 CFR Part 11; Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures, Maintenance of Electronic Records “Draft Guidance for Industry,” prepared under the aegis of the Office of Enforcement by the FDA Part 11 Compliance Committee.
  • centralize and manage healthcare staff records in real time, 24/ 7 with the BlueCloudGDPRWallet®

    Verify and manage individual healthcare professionals’ records while adhering to modern privacy laws

    • BlueCloud GDPRWallet®  is a private, secure, cloud-based account your healthcare professionals can use to store their verified professional, experience and training records (including resumes, job descriptions, licenses, training, education and certifications) and opt in to share with your organization. Use it to manage all of your staff’s professional experience and training credentials in a single, secure location accessible worldwide, 24/7 and receive expiration alerts to ensure compliance.
  • safely share always current documents across departments, as well as medical groups, hospitals, NCQA, JCAHO and others

    Manage staff professional information more efficiently

    • BlueCloud’s free GDPRDirectory allows you to centralize, maintain and share healthcare professional GDPRWallets for business and compliance purposes. Use it to create your own customized staff directories and share them with departments throughout your organization, as well as other healthcare entities and regulatory organizations.
  • minimize redundancies, fraud and abuse

    Minimize redundancies, reduce fraud and abuse while meeting new privacy standards

    • BlueCloud’s opt-in network keeps one set of continually updated information, reducing errors and protecting against fraud and abuse. This single, private, secured and regulated network helps you meet current and upcoming privacy regulations.
  • expedite hiring with 24/7 with professional connection technology that allows you to search and view qualifications of 2M+ million healthcare professionals worldwide

    Quickly locate and view qualifications of 2M+ healthcare professionals

    • BlueCloud’s professional network lets you view the professional experience and training records of more than 2 million qualified healthcare professionals worldwide in a single location.

BlueCloud PRIME Membership

  • create, manage and deliver unlimited training providing certificates of completion

    Create, manage and deliver project-specific training and educational activities

    • BlueCloud’s Staff-learning Management System lets you create, manage and deliver unlimited protocol training activities and certification programs directly to research staff with certifications for completion. Proven to save educators thousands of dollars on administrative, management, customer-support and technology upgrades.
  • Access hundreds of subsidized and discounted education libraries, training and certification programs

    Access 100s of training programs internationally

    • BlueCloud’s Global Education Network allows access to hundreds of low-and no-cost libraries, training and certification programs — including standards organizations’ certifications — in various languages to create and share with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.

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