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Employers, hospitals, physician offices, universities, site management organizations and investigative sites can connect to Sponsors, CROs, IRBs and other industry stakeholders, eliminating redundancies by sharing and exchanging information using a private, common network.

This BlueCloud® global private network was created in collaboration with healthcare and clinical research organizations to help eliminate redundancies across all industry stakeholders. Complimentary memberships are reviewed annually and can be extended accordingly. At the discrepancy of HCP, memberships may continue as long as member proactively uses the tools and maintains relevant information updated and verified. Network Members must be organizations within the healthcare and/or clinical research industry, including but not limited to hospitals, investigator sites, sponsors, IRBs, CROs, universities, not-for-profit organizations, and government entities among others. All membership applications must be approved by the HealthCarePoint (HCP) management team. The network reserves the right to terminate memberships for any inappropriate use, misuse or abuse of this private network.

Nothing else follows and no other technology, products, services or specialties are being offered or approved on this application.