MindMe Corporation Launches Employee Focused Digital System to Improve Corporate Mental Wellness

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, October 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Depression, stress, anxiety, and burnout are mental health crises plaguing many of us in the Covid era. In the workplace, these issues lead to decreased productivity and employee retention. The MindMe for Business platform is working to improve mental health in the workplace and beyond. We understand the tremendous need for mental health assessment and early detection of declining mental health status.

Here’s a startling statistic. More than 75% of people do not wish to discuss their mental health challenges with others. This percentage drastically increases when it relates to discussing mental health within the workplace.

“MindMe for Business is an “employee first” system designed specifically for organizations who put employees’ mental health at the forefront of their corporate priorities,” said Dr. Ryan Clemons, President of the MindMe Corporation.

The all new, Scientifically Validated screening tool called the Self-Management Self-Test (SMST), is a self- administered scientific instrument designed to assess an individual’s mental wellness at a given time, in fewer than three minutes. The SMST produces a measurable result which can provide points of analysis throughout the company. The process is designed to collect data anonymously to protect employee privacy while allowing the MindMe Scientific Team the ability to apply our proprietary analytic system, called Population Reported Outcomes or POPREPO®.

“The SMST is useful to track mental wellbeing over time,” said Dr. Peter Wehmeier from the University of Heidelberg, who created the SMST. “It can also be used to assess patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in individuals and population-reported outcomes (POPREPO) in small and large groups of people including social media.”

The newly founded analytics provide employers an overview of the company’s overall mental wellness while identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses that can then be resolved through targeted solutions.

“Employees will benefit from the SMST self-assessment capabilities while the organization can leverage anonymized analytics to make informed decisions about changes they need to implement for the improved mental health of their employees. As the saying goes, if you cannot find the problem, how can you fix the problem,” said Al O. Pacino, President, BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint.com.

The MindMe Corporation was formed in conjunction with Dr. Wehmeier and Tim Storey, a globally renowned ‘miracle mentality’ coach, along with dozens of key opinion leaders from the BlueCloud Network.

“We know burnout has a significant impact on individuals but also on a company’s bottom line, accounting for roughly 33% wasted salary annually with reduced productivity and employee turnover,” said Storey. “It’s time for organizations to put their people and their mental wellness first. It will be a win-win for
everyone involved.”

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