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Service Providers

Academia, Authors, Trainers, Educators, Consultants, Trademark/Copyright Holders, Publishing Houses and Accrediting Agencies, Technology Providers


  • Directory Networking Management System

    • Private BlueCloud® Networking Management System
    • Connect with hundreds of thousands organizations and individual consumers
  • Staff Learning Management System
    • Develop snd manage healthcare and clinical research evidence-based training activities, curricula, courses, scales, SOPs
  • Education Network

    • Deliver On-Line Educational Activities
    • Track and manage educational activities in centralized system



  • Market services, products and specialties to BlueCloud individuals and organizations
  • Eliminate redundancies, fraud and abuse
  • Ensure quality and compliance

  • Networking Management System
  • Global Education Network
  • Staff Learning Management System
  • CME System (For Accrediting Providers)
  • e-Commerce System