Elligo Health Research Joins the BlueCloud Network  

Elligo Health Research Joins the BlueCloud Network  

BlueCloud and Elligo will share mutually beneficial services for the advancement of health care and clinical research

Austin, Texas, Oct. 16, 2017 (PRWEB)HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based health care and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient survivors, today announced its mutual collaboration with Elligo Health Research. The collaboration will further both companies’ shared mission of positively transforming clinical research by improving efficiency and transparency.

HealthCarePoint will provide Elligo private VIP opt-in access to the BlueCloud® network, and, by deploying its BlueCloud cluster technology, Elligo also improves its current efforts in developing a network of investigator sites. This collaboration will improve transparency of regulatory, training and other certification documentation for Elligo’s healthcare professional (HCP) partners.

“With this networking technology, HCPs will have a central repository to keep their research related regulatory, training and other certification records,” said Keith Fern, Elligo’s Chief Commercial Officer. “It also enables Elligo and our sponsor customers access to this verified and secure information as needed to perform qualification visits and audits.”

Elligo will provide support to its sites within the BlueCloud network to ensure they take advantage of all the benefits BlueCloud makes possible. With support such as this — through its Goes Direct™ approach — Elligo provides the infrastructure that makes it possible for physicians to conduct clinical research in their own clinics with their own patients.

“By adding HCP’s BlueCloud technology, we are able to improve our services to advance clinical trial conduct,” Fern added. “HCP shares our goals to bring more physicians and patients into clinical research by increasing trial efficiency as well as reduced cost and infrastructure.

“By developing and centralizing data in collaborative systems, health care professionals at all levels greatly benefit because they can share and access information in real time,” said Al Pacino, President at HealthCarePoint. “Many health care companies share similar goals with those in clinical research. BlueCloud is a technology that helps us to break down unnecessary barriers by empowering connectivity so that all stakeholders benefit and ultimately leave no patients behind.”


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