Collaborative Campaign between BlueCloud® by HealthCarePoint and CISCRP to Provide Funding to Raise Clinical Research Literacy for Students and their Families

BOSTON, June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint announced today a campaign that will donate one dollar per clinical trial HCP connection made on its online networking platform to the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP), in support of education and outreach to students and their families about clinical research. The Research Literacy Connections for Tomorrow’s Cures campaign will launch on July 1st, 2016.

Dollars raised from this campaign will directly support the development of the CISCRP Traveling Museum Exhibit, which will engage elementary through high school age children and their families in 12 U.S. cities with interactive and experimental learning about the clinical research process and the role that clinical trials play in advancing public health. The Medical Heroes exhibit will present authentic stories and voices of clinical research volunteers. These encounters will give the exhibition authenticity, credibility, and emotional resonance as museum visitors connect with medical volunteers describing of the ups and downs and day-to-day aspects of clinical trials.

“All of us at HealthCarePoint along with our BlueCloud network members are very excited about our involvement with this important campaign” stated Al O. Pacino, president of HealthCarePoint. “Empowering our network members to become involved in promoting early awareness of clinical research is a catalyst to make a difference in the future of healthcare as an industry.”

“Clinical trial participants give a profound gift that makes new medicines and medical discoveries possible,” said CISCRP’s Founder and Board Chair Ken Getz. “But public knowledge about clinical research and public awareness and recognition of the gift of participation are very limited at this time. The new museum exhibit, with the help of BlueCloud’s donation, provides an unprecedented opportunity to reach and educate elementary through high school aged children and their families.”

As more healthcare professionals and sites become involved in BlueCloud, they have the opportunity to perpetually connect to governments, universities, sponsors, CROs, IRB’s and other industry stakeholders in order to participate in clinical trials, research collaborative programs and other healthcare initiatives. HealthCarePoint is donating 1 dollar per connection per year through its’ BlueCloud connection pledge. This pledge vehicle allows the industry to proactively fund important initiatives which are changing the face of healthcare including initiatives like CISCRP to raise research literacy for students and their families.


CISCRP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the public and patients as partners in the clinical research process. CISCRP provides free education and outreach to the general public and patient communities. Visit for more information or to support CISCRP.

About BlueCloud

BlueCloud® by HealthCarePoint is a universal networking technology that enables industry stakeholders to innovate and create new and efficient business models by connecting industry stakeholders in order to improve patient care, implementing standards and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. Its’ network reaches more than 162 countries and is used by nearly 1,000,000 healthcare professionals, 45 Sponsors, 14 CROs, 8 IRBs, dozens of universities and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders and site organizations. Dozens of BlueCloud® applications work together as one, empowering all industry stakeholders to organize, centralize, connect, share and deliver information required for business and compliance by using a common, secure and private verifiable on demand system, saving the industry time, money and ultimately saving lives.

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