BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint Establishes Technology Advisory Committee

Austin, Texas (PRWEB)May 02, 2017

HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by cancer and other patient survivors, today announced the official formation of its first technology advisory committee (TAC). The committee will guide connectivity between organizations within the BlueCloud collaborative networks.

The TAC is composed of key healthcare and clinical research technology leaders who understand the arduous process and the challenges of connectivity between technology organizations due to the lack of adoption of technology standards and culture challenges and the unfortunate distrust between organizations. This modern business model and the common agenda is creating a better healthcare and clinical research ecosystem.

“No one understands better how to modernize the industry by using already established technologies than lifetime healthcare professionals dedicated to true collaboration,” says Al O. Pacino, president and cofounder. “Our goal is to work with every healthcare and clinical research technology organization that shares our mission and our purpose to leave no patient behind.”

BlueCloud initial technology advisory committee is composed of Mitch Efros, MD, PhD, President, Verified Clinical Trials, Kerri Weingard, ANP, President Study Scavenger, Wessam Sonbol, President Delve Health, Colin G Miller, PhD, President BrackenData, Bob Stewart Sr. Retired co-founder of Cyber-Medica.

The Advisory Committee primary objectives are to:

1) Provide technological guidance to the BlueCloud Global Advisory Board (GAB)
2) Develop and implement a quality assurance process by which every BlueCloud technology member can properly be assessed by using a common screening process, including technology readiness, ease of connectivity, user acceptance and collaborative culture.
3) Provide focused guidance to be in line with BlueCloud’s established collaborative networks, which include standards, education, healthcare and clinical research sites, sponsors, including university, government, pharma and medical device organizations as well as the healthcare professionals (HCP) network.

BlueCloud provides a single-common universal interphase for collaborative networks including 65+ pharma, biotech, medical device sponsors, clinical research organizations and institutional review boards, governments, as well as thousands of national and international healthcare organizations.

“When collaboration fails in healthcare, patients suffer. Creating such a network helps stakeholders among researchers, scientists and doctors have an interactive culture, causing the largest outcome for patients. We each bring a different talent to the pool, helping pave the way for better industry solutions.” – Wessam Sonbol, President, Delve Health

“Convergence, security, paradigm-shifts, disruption, disintermediation, arbitrage, and human-centered design. These are the hallmarks of game-changing approaches to problem-solving. BlueCloud sets the foundation for collaborative communications and connectivity as a balanced and sustainable ecosystem engineered to deliver the promised nexus of patient-centric health research and care. What a gift to humanity.” – Bob Stewart, Sr., Co-founder (retired) Cyber-Medica.

“Sharing the same vision in applying scientific expertise and innovative technologies to research sites, CROs and sponsors to ensure expedited research subject recruitment to qualified sites. We at Study Scavenger are delighted to be chosen to take a part in BlueCloud’s technology collaborative network and its advisory committee.” – Kerri Weingard, ANP, President, Study Scavenger

“These innovative and disruptive technologies within the BlueCloud Collaborative Networks will improve the safety, data quality, and performance of clinical trial research. BlueCloud provides the necessary conduit to aggregate some of the world’s leading life science technologies available to improve the entire clinical trial process.” – Mitchell Efros MD, CEO Verified Clinical Trials

“BlueCloud is a game-changer and I am delighted that Bracken Data is involved as a founding technology support organization. It has been a pleasure to work with Al Pacino, BlueCloud and the other advisory partners” – Colin G Miller, PhD, President BrackenData

“It took many years to develop the trust and relationships with the technology advisory committee,” says Pacino. “Industry technology champions and pioneers in healthcare and clinical research who understand that patients can no longer wait for the establishment and culture to change. The committee will assure our BlueCloud Global Advisory Board (GAB) that its BlueCloud technology members are properly guided on how many of these technology innovations can make a difference and help change the culture and concerns of technology infringement which commonly plague collaboration efforts between technology organizations”

About BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint
BlueCloud is the first independent (real-time / single-sign-on) global Professional Network. A marketplace with over 1 million members connecting with organizations (in a secure / private system), using collaborative networks including standards, education, technology, and healthcare professionals’ networks to organize, centralize, and share verifiable information for business and compliance purposes. BlueCloud is available in more than 162 countries and is used by more than one million healthcare professionals, hundreds of sponsors, CROs, IRBs and universities and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders and site organizations.


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