BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint and SCRN to implement a real-time interconnected site network for the benefit of clinical research sites, governments and sponsor organizations

BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient-survivors and the Saudi Clinical Research Network (SCRN), recently established in Saudi Arabia, today announced its mutual collaboration that will ultimately enable Sponsor’s centralized access to the SCRN. The common real-time collaborative system will help modernize the healthcare and clinical research with a common mission to leave no patient behind.

The SCRN and BlueCloud collaboration includes the creation of a real-time interconnected Investigator Site Network to: 1) Eliminate redundancies between organizations using a centralized BlueCloud quality management system to maintain verifiable, real-time healthcare and clinical research professional documents. 2) Provide all current and future SCRN sites with confirmed FDA ready and Research readiness quality management system. Currently planning for 35+ hospitals and sites in Saudi Arabia. 3) Provide Sponsors globally with shareable information about sites and thus promoting research ready sites to improve site screaming and site feasibility. 4) Provide sites with real-time connectivity to Sponsors to help Sites build study pipelines. 5) Develop and organize standardized SOPs and other required professional experience and training records. 6) Provide SCRN members with access to globally standardized industry accepted training, education and accredited certification activities like the NIH Stroke Scale, Rankin, Barthel Index and dozens of other standards of care which are proven to facilitate workflows and regulatory compliance thus lowering the costs associated with regulatory requirements at the Site level.

The local implementation of BlueClouds at each investigator site will also be able to centralize other isolated systems into common BlueCloud personal accounts, which contain already established and globally standardized professional experience and training records. Along with other collaborative networks in the BlueCloud global system, BlueCloud wants to make sure that all Saudi Arabian research sites can participate in the BlueCloud Patient Network where Sponsors may access global patient populations in real-time from multiple dispersed systems in Saudi Arabia. Through the opt-in BlueCloud Patient Mapping directories, Sponsors can locate and connect with SCRN sites and be able to better plan their clinical trials. Sites are now able to link to Sponsors, including but not limited to pharma, medical device, biotech, universities and government organizations like the NIH and NHS. With the management tracking and trust/verify functions of the BlueCloud, SCRN can maintain regulatory quality and compliance in real-time as FDA ready Sites. As a result, opportunity for Sites to participate in clinical trials is increased while redundancies, waste and abuse is reduced when Sponsors choose the most competent Sites in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

“As SCRN continues to adopt the use of the many BlueCloud collaborative networks, SCRN will continue to modernize the healthcare and clinical research systems in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, SCRN will be a part of a modern and increasingly globally connected healthcare and clinical research ecosystem to help contribute to positive impacts in our industry worldwide. We are closer to the ultimate mission of creating a globally connected ecosystem that leaves no patient behind” stated Al O. Pacino, President and Cofounder at BlueCloud.

Professor Mahmoud Shaheen Al-Ahwal, Dean Faculty of Medicine King Abdulaziz University further elaborated, “Clinical Research is a rapidly growing industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general, and making the right connections at this time, is key to ensure the progress and sustainability of this field. BlueCloud is the right global system to start these connections, which will facilitate the making of many successful partnerships.”

Increasing the speed to market of important medical advances is crucial and even more possible now with the implementation of global networks. Just like others in the BlueCloud Network, SCRN will save Sponsors time and resources in the delivery of drugs, medical devices, biotechnology companies and will continue to improve time to market as the process of site qualification and study start up is expedited. Using the BlueCloud Standards network, SCRN will also help develop site standardization in Saudi Arabia including, but not limited to, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), standards of care, and other globally accepted competencies. Global connectivity standards will also be shared across Saudi Arabia and potentially middle eastern sites thus aligning with BlueCloud’s similar initiatives in other parts of the world including Australia, United Kingdom, South America, North America, Asia and over 167 countries where BlueCloud networks are currently in use.

Walaaeldin Ahmed, Executive Projects Manager-KAUMED, commented on the collaboration stating, “One of our goals is to promote Clinical Research in Saudi Arabia, so as to support the developments in patient care and through collaboration with international organizations. A good example is our recent collaboration with “BlueCloud” to establish the “Saudi Clinical Research network (SCRN)”. We hope it will be an excellent motivator for Clinical Research in the kingdom, and a great media for more collaborations in this field, working together for better care, and the welfare of patients.”

About Saudi Clinical Research Network

The Saudi Clinical Research Network (SCRN) is an initiative founded by Clinical Research organization company “KAUMED” to facilitate patients access to new treatments while bolstering the country’s economy. “Vision 2030.” Our Mission is to unify the voice of Saudi Clinical Research sites community for greater sites collaboration and facilitate the access to clinical trials. For Sponsors, accelerate study Feasibility and startup process including the Saudi Clinical Trial Interactive Gate which Includes capabilities and experience of Saudi’s clinical research industry and features major clinical trials centers. Well designed to showcase the country’s clinical research capabilities and environment to international Sponsors in a compliant and efficient way. SCRN will launch several training courses for the clinical trials work force to ensure regulatory quality and compliance. We are continually working with patient advocacy groups and other local societies.

About BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint

The BlueCloud® is a Connector Service Provider (CSP ®). Nominated as one of the top innovations in the industry, BlueCloud® is the first independent (real-time / single sign-on) Professional Network for Healthcare and Clinical Research. A global collaborative network and essential catalyst of the ACRES global system, connecting all stakeholders in a secure, regulated, private system with a common adjudication process ensuring the identity of healthcare professionals to protect and ensure the safety of data exchange. Available in 167 countries and used by over 1.5 million healthcare professionals from Sponsors, CROs, research sites, hospitals, universities, and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders to connect, organize, centralize, and share verifiable information real-time for managerial and compliance activities. Saving the industry millions of dollars by eliminating redundancies, expediting study start up and to ensure quality, transparency and compliance and thus modernizing the industry using connectivity – creating a system that leaves no patient behind no matter what religion, race or social status.


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