BlueCloud® – HCP Directories

Service Overview: BlueCloud Directories are used by healthcare and clinical research organizations as electronic centralized permission based shareable regulatory files. BlueCloud Directories are SUBSIDIZED (FREE) web-based applications that allows organizations to maintain organized / verified professional records for healthcare professionals, (e.g., resumes, job descriptions, licenses, diplomas, training, education and certifications documentation) at the local level as required by regulatory agencies . Hospitals, investigator sites, sponsors, IRBs, CROs, government and other management organizations can then connect with each other using the BlueCloud® Connection in order to, exchange and share PET information through a private permission-based network.

BlueCloud® directories are globally SUBSIDIZED (FREE) through a collaborative effort between HealthCarePoint and clinical research organizations, and distributed via government, universities, educators not for profits and for profit organizations.

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