Terms & Policies

HealthCarePoint is an industry consolidator and an electronic facilitator! A global healthcare and clinical research network providing vehicles for industry professionals and industry organizations to use in order to facilitate transfer of shareable and opt-in information between, businesses, institutions and organizations and does not claim ownership of personal information, dynamic activities, products, services or specialties individually or collectively owned by professionals and their organizations.

DISCLAIMER: Before using any and or all of HealthCarePoint’s electronic vehicles individual and business members agree to indemnify and hold any and all network members its officers, affiliates, representatives, employees, agents, contractors or subcontractors harmless from and against any and all damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of suit or defense, arising out of, resulting from or alleged to arise out of or result from the negligent, careless or wrongful acts, omissions, failures to act or misconduct of the other party or its officers, affiliates, representatives, employees, agents, contractors or subcontractors except where otherwise stated in the network. Members agree and understand that any and all current, present and future technology used within the network is the sole property of HealthCarePoint.com Corporation. HealthCarePoint Transnational Collaborative networks are only used for the purposes of streamlining the healthcare and clinical research processes by exchanging and sharing “shareable” information between individuals and organizations accordingly. Any information related to its technologies and its members is private and only made shareable via our networking permission based systems whenever a member approves the sharing of such shareable information and not its private information.