Medinexo – BlueCloud – Total Outcomes Partners to develop Diversity Centers of Excellence in Clinical Trials


AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 8, 2022 / — Medinexo is a leader in bringing healthcare and technology to areas of the world where it is desperately needed. Through its efforts, Medinexo has created a network of more than 1,500 physicians across the globe, serving diverse populations in multiple therapeutic areas with a focus on telemedicine. This has presented a tremendous opportunity to develop these physicians and their practices into centralized and decentralized clinical trial sites focused on increasing diversity in clinical trials and providing clinical research as a healthcare option to those who otherwise may never gain access to these lifesaving treatments.

Through strategic partnerships with BlueCloud and Total Outcomes Partners, Medinexo is confident this mission can be achieved. We have jointly created the Centers of Excellence in Clinical Trials process which facilitates the ability for sponsors to confidently engage with competent sites for their clinical trial projects.

By joining forces, Medinexo, BlueCloud and Total Outcome Partners enable Medinexo members to implement our ResearchNexo methodology, in order to swiftly achieve verifiable Clinical Trial Readiness, connect to sponsors and most importantly, to make centralized and decentralized clinical trials available to underserved patient populations via telemedicine.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted with a primary focus on serving all patients equally regardless of race, sex, socioeconomic status and geographical location.

“We are very excited about joining forces with BlueCloud and Total Outcome Partners to enable Medinexo members to swiftly achieve verifiable Clinical Trial Readiness by using our proven ResearchNexo Preparedness methodology.” Said Mr. Toro. “While our unique approach helps our sites achieve demonstrable readiness, our proprietary methodology provides sponsors and CROs on the BlueCloud network with ready sites, saving them time and resources and enabling a much faster and reliable initiation of trials around the world. Most importantly, we are now able to make centralized and decentralized clinical trials available to our member’s patient populations in underserved communities anywhere around the world via telemedicine.” Jorge Toro, President, Medinexo

“Medinexo and Total Outcomes Partners understand the path forward in clinical trials is offering the ability to not only conduct centralized clinical trials, but also decentralized trials lending flexibility to the entire research process”. Stated Al Pacino. “BlueCloud is always excited to provide its global infrastructure to initiatives that spread clinical trial access to underserved populations no matter of race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. Our initiative is changing lives around the world and we are just getting started”. Al O. Pacino, President, BlueCloud by

“It is a privilege to collaborate with Medinexo and BlueCloud in this initiative. Our mission is to help advance Medicine and Healthcare, especially among underserved and disadvantaged patients and communities across the globe.” Explained Mr. Vazquez. “Our ability to support investigators’ teams and facilities using standardized development and implementation processes, aligned with the expectations and requirements of Sponsors and CROs, is a win-win proposition in which the clinical research ecosystem is strengthened. Patients, Clinics, Investigators, Sponsors, CROs and Healthcare systems will benefit from the investment in centers of excellence in clinical trials in diverse geographies. This initiative will advance the worldwide goal to increase access and participation of diverse populations in medical research for a happier and healthier global village.” Miguel A. Vazquez-Padua, CEO, Total Outcomes Partners.

About Medinexo

Medinexo is a global membership network platform that enables healthcare professionals and their teams to communicate and deliver services to their patients. The network participation is free and reaches worldwide, facilitating international delivery of services like telemedicine consultations, patient-doctor continued communications, multidisciplinary remote case collaboration across borders and more.

About BlueCloud

BlueCloud is the First, Global, Modernized, Decentralized Regulatory and Privacy Network in Healthcare and Clinical Research operating in the public interest. We focus on six pillars: Compliance, Education, Standards, Connectivity, Privacy and GDPR. With more than two million healthcare professionals, Sponsors, CROs, Universities, Investigative Sites, NGOs, Educators and others connected in the BlueCloud network, we help the industry with BlueCloudX’s proven, digital, reusable tools providing increased efficiencies, accelerating study start-up, meeting regulatory and GDPR regulations and decreasing costs up to 80%.

About Total Outcomes Partners

Total Outcomes Partners was founded to help underserved and underrepresented patients and communities to access better care, treatments, and services. We work together with organizations in the healthcare and research ecosystem to advance Medicine and Healthcare. Total Outcomes Partners helps develop new sites and investigators through a unique “clinical site incubation model” in a process that results in the integration of clinical practice and clinical research at the facility. It also engages with healthcare organizations to develop and implement clinical programs that will impact patients health and well-being.

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