Credentialing Services

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Locqum Credentials Verification Organization (LCVO) is collaborating with BlueCloud to help credential healthcare providers pursuant to any regulatory body requirements as well as organizational requirements.

Credentials Verification Process

  1. User or Administrator uploads verifiable documents into the healthcare professional’s BlueCloud GDPRWallet.
  2. Locqum will verify requested records.
  3. Verified records will automatically show in user’s GDPRWallet and remain there perpetually.


The completed verification packet is digitally uploaded to healthcare professional’s BlueCloud GDPRWallet within 45 calendar days from date application was received by LCVO and will include:

  • Documentation of all verifications obtained.
  • Healthcare Professional’s Profile generated by LCVO.
  • Memo listing items identified by LCVO that the facility may want to make note.


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