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Healthcare Professionals

Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Lab Technician, X-ray Tech, Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapist, Principal Investigator, Sub-Investigator, Research Coordinator, Site Director, Clinical Research Associate, Monitor, Auditor, Regulatory Specialist, Feasibility Specialist, Rater, etc.



  • GDPRWallet™ (No Cost)
    • Private, secured cloud-based personal account to own and manage your required professional documents and credentials (e.g. CVs, licensure, certifications, training documents)
    • Receive Document Expiration Alerts
    • Opt-In to connect and share your “real-time” professional documents with organizations (e.g. medical groups, hospitals, research sites, Sponsors, CROs)
    • Access BlueCloud® Education Network which includes various types of required educational activities (e.g. GCP, Scales of Assessment)



  • Eliminate redundancies of repetitive emailing and scanning of documents
  • Ensure competency and compliance requirements

BASIC Annual Membership $0
  • GDPRWallet™
  • Professional Networking Management System
  • Education Package
  • * NIHSS (3.0 CME)
  • * C-SSRS
PRIME Annual Membership $89
  • GDPRWallet™
  • Professional Networking Management System
  • Unlimited Access to Global Education Network