HealthCarePoint Successfully Completes Global Testing on BlueCloud 2.0 Networking Technology

BlueCloud® 2.0 is enabling industry stakeholders to develop dozens of new business models that reduce costs while improving patient care.

HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient survivors, today announced that it has successfully completed global testing of its innovative BlueCloud® business model and networking technology and unveiled BlueCloud 2.0. In the past year, thousands of healthcare and clinical research organizations and other stakeholders have connected with BlueCloud 2.0 to help innovate its private, secure and verifiable network.

BlueCloud 2.0, which provides a universal collaborative platform for the ACRES global network system, now supports unprecedented collaboration with 45 pharma, biotech, medical device sponsors, 14 clinical research organizations (CROs), eight institutional review boards (IRBs) and thousands of national and international healthcare provider organizations, allowing them to become innovative, by focusing on investigator site sustainability in clinical research and the implementation of solutions to help measure value=quality/payment in healthcare.

Nominated as one of the top new business and technology innovations in 2015 by PharmaVoice, BlueCloud is accepted by sponsors, clinical research organizations (CROs), institutional review boards (IRBs), universities, governments and healthcare organizations that understand they must collaborate to lower costs, improve industry image and improve patient care.

BlueCloud 1.0 was released in January 2015 to globally test its on-demand networking capabilities and to promote quality, safety, operations management, compliance and crossover standards between healthcare and research organizations. The goal was to provide a transparent and accountable process that supports patient-human-subject protection and connect portals and siloes using standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect legacy systems to BlueCloud.

According to Al O. Pacino, President of HealthCarePoint, BlueCloud 2.0 empowers healthcare professionals, employers and investigator sites to connect with sponsors, CROs, ethical review committees and other patient centric industry stakeholders to share and exchange information for business and regulatory purposes. BlueCloud has expanded its use to accountable care organizations (ACOs), hospitals and university medical centers to share verifiable information between departments and with other healthcare organizations. It also allows organizations to share information with insurance providers and other payer organizations, as provider data verification is now mandated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – an important step in connecting healthcare and clinical research.

Limited only by imagination, healthcare and clinical research stakeholders continue to implement new business models to help industry move forward into the digital age.

“BlueCloud has a decisive role in facilitating, tracking and maintaining competencies that our medical students need and will need in their careers. This will only be possible with the empowerment and collaborative architecture of the BlueCloud technology.” – Ana Solodkin, Associate Professor University of California Irvine– Anatomy, Neurobiology and Neurology Health School of Medicine.

“BlueCloud allows Accountable care organizations to work together in order to realize true economies of scale and to further measure the value and quality to payer organizations in healthcare while at the same time, providing sponsors with the highest qualified investigator sites to enhance their opportunity to participate in clinical trials.” Andre Berger, MD, CEO National ACO

“The BlueCloud has shown to save our organization thousands of dollars in time and resources by tracking hundreds of our associates’ verified professional experience and training credentials in real time from different organizations, which are normally required by regulatory agencies, the Joint Commission and NCQA among others,” says Theresa Linville, Data Specialist for Carrol Hospital in Westminster

“The use of the BlueCloud has saved our university thousands of dollars in technology development, support and updates so that we can focus on what we do best. We have also been able to develop our own BlueCloud® Network for clinical trials which has allowed us to expand our reach with sponsors and CROs.” – Jill See, PT, MPT, University of California Irvine

“Creating and sharing standards for patient assessment at the global level while tracking competency of clinical trial personnel improves inter-rater and inter-rater reliability, which improves the quality of clinical trials and increases study power.” – Steven C. Cramer, MD, Principal Investigator, University of California Irvine

“As research sites, we have to be concerned with the overhead costs of local compliance and the ability to acquire and retain business,” commented Charles S. Wilcox, Ph.D., Executive Director of Pharmacology Research Institute(PRI). “HCP’s complimentary tools allow us to show compliance and proof of competencies in the eyes of sponsors, CROs and regulatory agencies, while allowing our PIs and healthcare professionals to connect and share our information directly with stakeholders interested in doing business with PRI. Logically, this saves all stakeholders time and resources.”

“Using BlueCloud, allows our organization to be more efficient when managing clinical trials and thus allowing us to focus on what we do best – finding the best patient cures for our patients while giving us the ability to improve and measure our ROI.” – Global Pharmaceutical Sponsor

“Much has changed in medical research over the last four decades. The time, cost and risk of clinical trials are an impediment to developing innovative therapies, yet they represent critical and challenging areas for innovation. Established methods are unsustainable and insufficient to meet the needs. The challenges demand greater collaboration and efficient solutions. The BlueCloud network reduces the burdens involved in sharing information, and makes a significant contribution toward engaging and collaborating with all stakeholders.” – Ellen Kelso, Executive Director, Chesapeake IRB

“By using BlueCloud APIs to connect our technologies we are able to streamline our clinical trials which allows to focus our resources into more productive processes for the benefit of our sponsors and therefore, faster treatments to patients.” – Global Contract Research organization

“Working with BlueCloud has shown incredible benefits for CDISC,” stated Shannon Labout, CDISC VP of Education. “By eliminating technology costs, we have been able to use the BlueCloud network to globally distribute and track the usage of authorized education for CDISC standards. This has the potential to help our industry quickly identify appropriately trained resources to help them with their implementations as more standards are required and implemented in our industry”.

“By improving the quality and implementing standards into the future of healthcare and clinical research, …. we could ultimately improve outcomes as all healthcare providers learn to diagnose patients the same way – in a standardized fashion.” – Patrick Lyden, MD, FAAN, FAHA, Chairman, Department of Neurology Carmen and Louis Warschaw Chair in Neurology Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Training, certifying, and sharing the verifiable tracking of health personnel in patient outcome assessment is essential for successful clinical trials and beneficial hospital quality improvement programs. BlueCloud is a widely accessible, common international networking system for all stakeholders, including site personnel, study investigators, sponsors, monitors, and scale developers, that provides an essential foundation for translational science.” – Jeffrey L. Saver, MD, FAHA, FAAN, FANA, Senior Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Research, Director, UCLA

“For the stroke patient centric community in the Netherlands, the BlueCloud is a very effective common networking system for improving the expertise of physicians and investigators. It has helped us build a very efficient trial organization.” – Prof Diederik W.J. Dippel, Erasmus MC University Medical Center

“As regulatory requirements become more complicated, it only makes sense for the clinical research community to move forward in sharing common information between stakeholders. We support efforts to streamline the IRB submission process and increase transparency into research site qualifications, and BlueCloud has the potential to promote this kind of clarity and efficiency.” – Rebecca Ballard, VP of Compliance and Board Operations, Schulman IRB

“Having a common universal approach to accessing certifications, training and other clinical research continuing education is important as our industry moves forward. Providing 24/7 shareable perpetual electronic e-portfolios for our students empowers healthcare professionals to always be connected with common directories and link to any organization that requires healthcare professional information for business and compliance purposes.” – Carolynn Jones, CoAPCR Past President and Assistant Professor, Ohio State University MACPR.

“BlueCloud provides an on-demand site screening and feasibility processes while empowering healthcare professionals and investigator sites an equal opportunity to participate in our clinical trials by creating our own BlueCloud Network.” – Global Medical Device PM.

“BlueCloud has the potential to save regulatory bodies time and resources by empowering providers to choose from having an on-site auditor to having a virtual auditor – an innovation that can save industry time in getting a product out to market.” – Regulatory auditor

“We are witnessing the emergence of a new paradigm in which healthcare and research are coming together as never before” said Greg Koski, PhD, MD, CEO of ACRES. “This transition requires unprecedented levels of connectivity and collaboration across the entire ecosystem”, he added. The BlueCloud is more than a portal it provides an essential networking solution to support ACRES global collaborative initiatives. After decades of networking experience, major differences between portals and networking systems are clear. Portals are an older business model — they are expensive to create and maintain; and because of their siloed nature, they only benefit few stakeholders. System-based networks are dynamic technologies, which when combined with today’s “on-demand” business models, enable all healthcare and clinical research stakeholders to participate in a common and synergistic collaborative ecosystem.”

About HealthCarePoint
HealthCarePoint’s BlueCloud® is a universal networking technology that enables industry stakeholders to innovate and create new and efficient business models that improve patient care, by implementing standards and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. Its’ network reaches more than 162 countries and is used by nearly 1,000,000 healthcare professionals, 45 Sponsors, 14 CROs, 8 IRBs, dozens of universities and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders and site organizations. Dozens of BlueCloud® applications work together as one, empowering all industry stakeholders to organize, centralize, connect, share and deliver information required for business and compliance by using a common, secure and private verifiable on demand system, saving the industry time, money and ultimately saving lives.


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