Clinerion Joins the BlueCloud Network

Clinerion Joins the BlueCloud Network

Clinerion brings EHR-based patient search and identification for clinical trials to HealthCarePoint’s BlueCloud Patient Network.

Austin, Texas, Dec. 18, 2017 (PRWEB)HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based health care and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient-survivors, today announced its mutual collaboration with Clinerion. The collaboration will further both companies’ shared mission of transforming clinical trials by expanding access to patient data analytics services.

Members of the BlueCloud Sponsor Network will be able to view the locations and numbers of Clinerion’s patients on a dynamic map. Drill-downs allow the user to narrow the selection by therapeutic area and indication. Clinerion is expanding its global coverage rapidly and will keep the patient map up-to-date. With 76 Sponsors currently in the BlueCloud network, managerial healthcare professionals will now be able to search tens of millions of patients around the world on Clinerion’s PRS platform by therapeutic area and indication.

The PRS solution queries hospital electronic patient health records to offer patient search and identification for clinical trials, as well as report generation for real-world evidence and market access analyses. PRS utilizes Clinerion’s proprietary “Anonymized Identification” technology, which ensures patient privacy by performing patient search and identification from fully anonymized records.

“Clinerion is thrilled to provide BlueCloud members with the opportunity to identify patients for trials they are running,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “Our goal is to bring our patient populations from around the world access to the most cutting edge medical treatments. BlueCloud’s members will give access to innovative medicine where it is most needed.”

“Our members are eager to utilize the patient mapping technology to enhance their role in clinical research. The integration of Clinerion’s services into the BlueCloud system will add tremendous value for everyone involved in our network,” stated Al Pacino, President and CEO of BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint. “Embracing the technological capabilities of today will help modernize the industry immediately.”

HealthCarePoint and Clinerion will present their collaboration for the first time at the SCOPE Summit at Orlando, Florida, on February 12th-15th, 2018.


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