BlueCloudTV offers organizations a chance to broadcast their mission and initiatives through a professional interview conducted by the BlueCloudTV team.  BlueCloud has developed relationships with thousands of institutions, all with great people and services to offer the world.   BlueCloudTV has been designed to offer a platform to expose these organizations and their great opportunities to the BlueCloud Global Network.   Through the expertise of Shannon Wolfson, every organization is given a voice to spread the word on their institution both nationally and internationally.

Come take a look at what these institutions have to offer and contact BlueCloud to conduct your own personalized BlueCloudTV interview today!


BlueCloudTV – BlueCloud Start Ups

  • Dr. Ryan Clemons discusses the many ways BlueCloud for Startups can help organizations thrive and gain access to the global BlueCloud® network.

BlueCloudTV – UCLA – Dr. Steven Cramer

  • Dr. Steven Cramer of UCLA discusses with us the use of his standardized training for the Fugl Meyer, Gait Velocity, Action Research Arm Test, and Motricity Index scales and the importance to the healthcare industry of standardizing these scales and their implementation.

BlueCloudTV – IdiPaz (Madrid)  

  • Dr. Jorge Rodriguez Pardo, MD, PhD from La Paz University Hospital in Madrid discusses the use of the Madrid DIRECT and NIH Stroke Scale Pediatrics program along with future projects coming from his institution.

BlueCloudTV – Medinexo 

  • Jorge Toro, CEO of Medinexo speaks about the telemedicine services his network organization provides to allow physicians to communicate and deliver services to their patients.

BlueCloudTV – Total Outcomes Partners

  • Miguel Vazquez-Padua, CEO of Total Outcomes Partners speaks to how his company works to provide professional services to clinical research sites through business development, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, and beyond.

BlueCloudTV – China Initiative 

  • Dr. Jing Bao discusses the BlueCloud China initiative and the importance of bringing standardized healthcare education and tools to China and its people.

BlueCloudTV – Defeating Epilepsy Foundation

  • Natalie Boehm of the Defeating Epilepsy Foundation speaks about the not for profit organization and their mission to provide the advocacy and educational resources needed to the epilepsy community and our society.

BlueCloudTV – Cubio Innovation Center

  • Suzanne Ferguson, Project Manager at Cubio Innovation Center, presents the vast number of resources their organization provides startup companies in the healthcare sector, including ways to expand their products internationally.

BlueCloudTV – Fruition Tech Labs

  • Wesley Okeke, CEO of Fruition Tech Labs, shares the mission of his organization to find institutions who have innovative solutions with a humanitarian purpose and cultivate them into usable technology to benefit the world.