BlueCloud Now Enabling Promotion of ACRP Certification and Membership

BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient-survivors, and the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announced their efforts which will benefit all industry stakeholders.

The benefits to stakeholders being able to post their digital badges in their BlueCloud account include, but not limited to:

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Business and compliance records normally located from dispersed sources including but not limited to professional, experience, training (PET) records and HR documentation will now include centralized access to ACRP badges and other education specific activities. All BlueCloud members including physicians, nurses, first responders, PIs, Sub-PIs, study coordinators and CRAs among other healthcare professionals, will be able to access these from their own personal BlueCloud account.

INVESTIGATOR SITES: Individual compliance and centralization of all personal records will help sites improve regulatory accountability of competencies for employees while increasing trial opportunities with Sponsors/CROs by electronically organizing research site’s HR credentials in a centralized compliance system for real-time pre-screening by CROs, Sponsors, Universities thus eliminating redundancies for sites.

BIOTECH-DEVICE-PHARMA: Increase efficiencies in pre-screening and compliance of healthcare professional’s credentials by dynamically connecting to sites for an accelerated study start up and significant cost savings. Furthermore, eliminating redundancies at the Sponsor level.

CROs: Provide sponsor clients with global access to site employees information by real-time pre-screening site qualifications and offering Sponsors research ready sites to expedite study start up.

UNIVERSITIES: Increase visibility and real-time access of HR credentials and competency documents for internal departments, minimizing duplicate internal efforts, while connecting to Sponsors for clinical research purposes.

About the ACRP Badge(s) – The ACRP digital badge features data that verifies certification in real-time, authenticates the certification is in good standing and provides detailed information about the credential and its sponsor. ACRP’s digital badge allows professionals to provide employers with easy, valid verification of credentials, while positioning the professional at the forefront of this new technology for communicating required skills. Healthcare professionals that are certified with ACRP will now be able to share their Badge on their BlueCloud account, which allows other industry stakeholders to recognize healthcare and clinical research education competency.

“We are pleased to work with Blue Cloud to make it easy for our members and certificants to display their badge(s) as part of their profile in this common global directory,” says Jim Kremidas, Executive Director of ACRP.

Both ACRP and BlueCloud share the view that through standardized competencies, healthcare professionals can become more aware of the clinical research eco-system by proactively inviting clinical research naïve healthcare professionals to participate in clinical research by becoming involved with ACRP. This mutually beneficial effort will help ACRP expand its global coverage by offering current research naïve healthcare professionals research accreditation programs while empowering healthcare professionals with ownership of their own credentials.

“We are letting our members know that by taking ownership of their information, BlueCloud is a place that makes it easy to dynamically connect their credentials along with their ACRP badge with sponsors, CRO’s, universities and other relevant industry stakeholders for business and compliance purposes. ACRP members can also become more familiar with BlueCloud Networking technologies while utilizing this new and helpful ACRP feature. As a result, opportunity is increased for sites to participate in clinical trials by empowering sponsors to choose the most competent sites around the world.”- stated Al O. Pacino, President and CEO of the BlueCloud Network. “We will all be patients someday so why not be proactive in the modernization of healthcare and clinical research.”

About BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint

BlueCloud® is a global networking system innovation providing delivery, distribution, implementation and tracking (DDIT) tools for healthcare and clinical industry stakeholders. A Connector Service Provider®, BlueCloud was nominated as one of the top innovations and it has evolved into a leading UBER-LIKE model in the industry. This global collaborative network has also become an essential catalyst for dozens of member innovators, connecting stakeholders in a secure, regulated, private system available in more than 167 countries. It is used by more than 1.5 million healthcare professionals, pharma, device, and biotech sponsors, CROs, research sites, hospitals, universities, and thousands of other healthcare and clinical research stakeholders who use its modern technologies to organize, centralize, connect, share and manage information and processes in real-time for managerial and compliance activities. BlueCloud is saving the industry millions of dollars by eliminating redundancies; expediting study start up; and ensuring quality, transparency and compliance. By modernizing the industry using connectivity, BlueCloud is working toward the goal of leaving no patient behind, regardless of race, religion, geographical location or socio-economic status.

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