BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint Unveils New Business Model at CNS Summit

BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint Unveils New Business Model at CNS Summit

Connector Service Provider in healthcare and clinical research continues to modernize the industry

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 5, 2017 — HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient survivors unveiled their “Connector Service Provider” business model at this year’s CNS Summit Conference in Boca Raton.

The CNS Summit is “a platform for change and a community passionate about shaping the future, with a focus on collaboration, innovation, and technology. The mission is to have a positive impact on the success of clinical development programs.” The conference brought together many key opinion leaders from big pharma, technology and neurological medical research. Speakers and panels discussed a wide variety of topics that impacted healthcare and clinical research from how to successfully utilize big data, how to efficiently reach FDA approval, and how synthesizing patient needs with industry goals can result in an improved system.

During the Summit, the founder and president Al Pacino of the BlueCloud stated during his live presentation, “The system is broken, we all know that…but today we will show you new technology, business model and a modern healthcare and clinical research system that is solving many of the challenges we have today within the disconnected healthcare and clinical research ecosystem.” Bringing action to the forefront, Al Pacino talked about a specific BlueCloud technology that addresses the modernization of healthcare and clinical research system.

The “Connector Service Provider” (CSP) business model has already been proven successful in the transportation and hospitality industry. CSP involves connecting providers with consumers. Airbnb and Lyft are businesses that have successfully developed themselves using this innovative strategy. When a provider, such a Lyft driver who owns and operates a vehicle, can connect with (consumer) passenger for the purposes of transportation using advanced tracking technology, this is a CSP in action. When a property owner (provider) connects to a (consumer) renter, this is also CSP in action. Providing a service using connective technology is fast becoming a way of the future.

“The volume and complexity of genetic, phenotypic, and environmental data we have is overwhelming. Society is unwilling to fund the ever-growing cost of developing innovative medicines and patients can’t wait for BioPharma companies to develop new medicines,” Jeff Kasher, President of Patients Can’t Wait explained, “BlueCloud technology enables frictionless sharing of data across the drug development and healthcare ecosystem which drives faster, more cost-efficient development of innovative medicines for patients.”

In healthcare and clinical research, this type of model is a proven solution to modernizing the system. Providers like healthcare professionals, research sites, healthcare sites, technology companies, standards and patient networks are empowered to connect and work with consumers like pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, clinical research organizations, Government agencies, and insurance companies. The current system is broken. It is inefficient, redundant, bureaucratic, and does not provide transparency due to industry operating in silos. The BlueCloud CSP model embraces modern technologies that allows for streamlining and increased processing of just in time information in the healthcare and clinical research system.

The future of healthcare technology involves a common element of collaboration and connectivity. By organizing providers and consumers in a collaborative system will greatly benefit their ability to share and access information in a real-time. We can challenge the status quo by increasing transparency, problem-solving efforts and eliminating redundancy. The solutions are here and BlueCloud is ready to fulfill its mission, to leave no patient behind.

About BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint

BlueClouds are preferred destinations for healthcare and clinical research professionals, employers and stakeholder organizations. Nominated as one of the top innovations in the industry, BlueCloud® is the first independent (real-time / single sign-on) global Professional Network.  A global collaborative network connecting healthcare professionals and organizations in a secure, private system.  Comprised of various networks which include education, standards, technology, healthcare professionals, research sites, healthcare sites, schools and patients to organize, centralize, and share verifiable information for managerial and compliance activities.  Available in over 162 countries and used by over 1.3 Million healthcare professionals from Sponsors, CROs, research sites, hospitals, universities, and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders, Saving the industry millions of dollars by eliminating redundancies, expediting study start up as well as ensuring quality, transparency and compliance with the united mission of leaving no patient behind®.


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