BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint Establishes Global Advisory Board

HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company founded by patient survivors, today announced formation of its first global advisory board to help guide its innovative BlueCloud® business model, networking technologies and patient-inspired initiatives.

Like HCP founders, the global advisory board is composed of key healthcare and clinical research industry leaders who have been touched personally by morbidity, either as patients or through illnesses of family members. These leaders’ common agenda is creating a better healthcare and clinical research system.

“No one understands better how to modernize the industry than lifetime healthcare professionals dedicated to making a difference for patients,” says Al O. Pacino, HCP president and cofounder. “Our goal is to work with every healthcare and clinical research organization that shares our mission and our purpose to leave no patient behind.”

HCP’s founding board is composed of Don Jones, chairman of Cardiff Ocean Group and chief digital officer at Scripps Translational Science Institute; Jeff Kasher, president of Patients Can’t Wait; Greg Koski, PhD, MD, president and co-founder of the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES); Linda Coleman, director of the Human Research Protection Program at Yale University; Dex Bilkic, Manager study start up and patient recruitment at Bayer Pharmaceuticals; Robert E. Stewart Sr., Co-Founder, CyberMedica; Cerdi Beltre, Director, Data Strategy and Business Development Merge, an IBM Company; Paolo Moreira, Vice President, Global Clinical Operations External Innovation, EMD Serono, Inc.; Amir Kalali, Global Head, Neuroscience Center of Excellence, QuintilesIMS; Stephen Rosenfeld, Executive Board Chair, Quorum Review.

The advisory board’s primary objectives are to:
1) guide BlueCloud’s four established collaborative networks, standards, education, technology and the healthcare professional (HCP) network.

2) educate industry stakeholders and their shareholders on the importance of using collaborative networks to eliminate redundancies, waste and abuse in healthcare and clinical research to minimize risk and maximize investments.
3) guide development of additional collaborative networks currently in BlueCloud’s pipeline.
BlueCloud provides universal collaborative networks for unprecedented collaboration with 60+ pharma, biotech, medical device sponsors, clinical research organizations and institutional review boards as well as thousands of national and international healthcare provider organizations. The system allows them to become innovative by focusing on investigator site sustainability in clinical research and solutions to measure value=quality/payment in healthcare.

“Collaboration is essential to solving the complex problems that face our healthcare and research industry,” says Coleman. “BlueCloud offers the perfect collaborative mechanism to help modernize the healthcare and research industry because it provides solutions regarding issues and shared interests that cannot be addressed by any single individual or organization. Stakeholders with a shared interest and vision must work together to develop solutions to the problems that plague our industry.”

Kasher also praises BlueCloud, saying, “BlueCloud’s easy-to-use/readily configurable systems empower individuals, groups and organizations to collect, clean and share verified data and information through verified connections with other individuals, groups and organizations around the world in real time.”

Bilkic says, “In clinical research, it is paramount that we stay connected and organized. BlueCloud enhances our ability to share information and communicate as professionals as we strive to develop new medicines. Our industry must become more efficient, and the BlueCloud networking system is an effective way of getting there. This greatly benefits all the stakeholders and is of special importance for the health and welfare of our patients”.

Jones adds, “BlueCloud provides the industry with private, secure communication networks that are key to driving network effects in healthcare and life science by reducing friction and producing economic efficiencies using data-rich directories and facilitating information sharing and coordination of workflows.”

“The intrinsic value to professionals and businesses alike is what makes the BlueCloud an easy choice for the industry to adopt immediately,” says Stewart. “BlueCloud is the nexus of both intelligent market foresight and modern data-network effects. BlueCloud offers a foundational fabric to reinforce quality standards and save our industry time and money with each interaction.”

Koski says, “The BlueCloud network provides a shared universal interface to connect and support collaboration and interoperability at a critical moment in healthcare and research. It is a catalyst for change, both in technology and culture—its potential impact cannot be overstated.”

“It took many years to develop relationships with the founding members and identify an advisory board with a common purpose,” says Pacino. “Leaders in healthcare and clinical research understand that patients can no longer wait for the establishment and culture to change. Our board will assist in further evolution of a new culture of patient-inspired healthcare and clinical research.”

About BlueCloud by HealthCarePoint
BlueCloud is the first independent (real-time / single-sign-on) global Professional Network. A marketplace with over 1 million members connecting with organizations (in a secure / private system), using collaborative networks including standards, education, technology, and healthcare professionals’ networks to organize, centralize, and share verifiable information for business and compliance purposes.
BlueCloud is available in more than 162 countries and is used by more than one million healthcare professionals, hundreds of sponsors, CROs, IRBs and universities and thousands of healthcare and clinical research stakeholders and site organizations.

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