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More than a decade ago, the founders of HealthCarePoint – along with several healthcare professionals and some of their family members – found themselves facing difficult diagnoses, including cancer, paralysis, psychiatric diseases and other disorders. The inefficiencies, redundancies and the bureaucratic limitations they encountered within the clinical research system both as patients and subjects, left them frustrated and disappointed. The founders resolved to change the system for the better and allied for a common purpose:  To do everything possible to improve healthcare and clinical research by increasing transparency, and becoming more accountable to patients, subjects and the public in general.

Today, BlueCloud® is no longer just a concept, but a global model for efficiency that is saving industry stakeholders time, money and ultimately patient lives!


What is the healthcare and clinical industry problem that BlueCloud is solving?

Global inefficiencies in healthcare and clinical research makes it difficult for all of humanity to have access to the latest scientifically proven diagnostics, and therapies and thus leaving many patients behind. The inability to globally deliver, distribute and implement and track policies, standards, products, services and specialties from providers transparently, creates distrust in our society.

An affordable, transparent, real-time global system for all healthcare and clinical research, where every stakeholder has a voice and can participate, connect and share data, competencies and verifiable information in order to prevent fraud, waste, abuse to improve current societal mistrust in healthcare and clinical research had to be developed.


Why BlueCloud? Why now?

The world has changed forever. We can no longer go back to business as usual. We can no longer spend trillions of dollars in time, money and resources wasted in inefficiencies, fraud, and abuse. New networking technologies give us the opportunity to modernize our society today. Bringing transparency to the people enables our industry to create standards of care, and globally accepted processes created by a trusted system where everyone is included, and everyone can trust will improve patient’s lives. The modernization of a new world where no patient is left behind, no mater race, religion, socio economic status, political affiliation or geography – It is now that we can all make a difference by working together. BlueCloud is that system!


About BlueCloud

BlueCloud is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) operating in the public interest. As the creator of the GDPRWallet® and GDPRDirectory®, we make healthcare and clinical research better™ by connecting organizations in real-time to streamline the managerial and compliance processes required by organizations and regulatory agencies. BlueCloud members use our proprietary and patented networking technologies to focus on compliance, EU General Data Protection (GDPR), US privacy laws, globally standardized education on standards of care and competencies as required by national and international government agencies. BlueCloud enables sites to be connected with sponsors, CROs, universities and thousands of other industry stakeholders for marketing, business and compliance purposes. Available in more than 196 countries and used by close to 2 million healthcare professionals, who use the GDPRWallet® to connect, organize, centralize and share real-time verifiable required information for compliance activities. Internationally, BlueCloud creates a real-time global networking system that is proven to save the industry millions of dollars by eliminating redundancies, expediting study / project start up, and ensuring quality, transparency and compliance, with the ultimate goal to modernize the ecosystem through real-time, live connectivity.  BlueCloud is the sustainable system that leaves no patient behind”® regardless of religion, race, geography or socio economic status.



To modernize the healthcare and clinical research industry by educating the culture and incentivizing the establishment to change by using transparency so that no patient is left behind no matter the geographical location, race, religion, socio-economic status or political affiliation



We will all be patients someday, and we have a social and ethical responsibility to ensure the patients in our care today receive the finest care.

  • National education program with NIH – NINDS
  • First globally standardized Rankin mRS certification program
  • First globally standardized NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) certification program
  • BlueCloud® nominated as one of the Top Innovations by PharmaVoice
  • Partnerships to globally standardize the NIHSS program
  • Released Global BlueCloud Connector business model
  • Adaptation of clinical research process to minimize “TrialDrift”
  • Introduced GDPRWallet® for healthcare professionals
  • Establishment of The International Electronic Education Network®
  • Introduced GDPRDirectory® for business organizations
  • First real-time global Electronic compliance Network
  • Received patent for GDPRWallet® Trust & Verify application
  • International recognition of standardized delivery platform