HealthCarePoint BlueCloud® Renews its Global Impact Partnership with the Society for Clinical Research Sites

The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), the global trade organization fully dedicated to representing the interests of clinical research sites, today announced the renewal of a two-year relationship with HealthCarePoint, creators of the BlueCloud® Network (nominated as one of the top business and technology innovations of 2015). HealthCarePoint’s mission is to do everything possible to improve the healthcare and clinical research systems by increasing transparency and becoming more accountable to patients, subjects and the public in general. HealthCarePoint will participate as a Global Impact Partner (GIP) and align with 30 other sponsors, CROs, and service providers dedicated to promoting high-level communication and meaningful collaboration between industry stakeholders and clinical research sites globally.

“When Global Impact Partners renew their partnership with us, it’s because they are as committed to the sites as we are. It speaks volumes about SCRS as we continue our work in tandem with partners like HealthCarePoint who also want our profession to be the best that it can be. We are excited to continue working with them,” said Christine Pierre, president of SCRS.
“Part of our mission is to support organizations that have a passion, drive and motivation to make a difference in our industry,” said Al O. Pacino, President of HealthCarePoint. “From the beginning, we have had a strong supporting relationship with SCRS. Our missions underline the mutual support for the continued effort of long term site sustainability. We are happy to continue to work in tandem partnership for the benefit of investigator sites worldwide.”
As a Global Impact Partner (GIP), HealthCarePoint will participate on the SCRS Global Impact Board at an executive level, and work closely with SCRS’ Leadership Council to determine strategic initiatives for SCRS.

About SCRS
SCRS is a global trade organization founded in 2012 which represents over 2,600 research sites in 42 countries. SCRS’ mission is to unify the voice of the global clinical research site community for greater site sustainability. SCRS has become an active partner in industry-wide initiatives and dialogues focused on improving the clinical research enterprise. Sites and the companies that sponsor or support the work conducted at clinical research sites will benefit from membership and partnership. Visit

About HealthCarePoint
HealthCarePoint’s BlueCloud® e-applications are used in 162 countries by over 750,000 healthcare professionals, 42 Sponsors, 14 CROs, 8 IRBs, dozens of universities and thousands of healthcare organizations. BlueCloud® e-applications work together as one system, empowering industry stakeholders to organize, centralize, connect, share and deliver information, credentials, education, training, standards and other activities, between organizations in “real-time” saving our industry millions of dollars in duplication, wasted time and unnecessary redundancies. After a 13-year incubation period, BlueCloud® is no longer and unproven concept, but a true reality that is saving industry stakeholders’ time, money and ultimately saving lives. Visit


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