BlueCloud® – Edu Network

Service Overview: A global collaboration of educators and trainers who are members of the International Electronic Education Network (IEEN)® – a B2B global collaborative marketplace where dozens of government, academia, authors, trainers, educators, consultants, trademark/copyright holders, publishing houses and accrediting agencies create private and shareable libraries of education, training and certification programs. View and choose subsidized and discounted training and educational programs from the most qualified providers around the world: SCID IV, C-SSRS, NIHSS, Rankin, CDISC Standards, VIP, POMA, mSAS, AIMS, BARS, DISCUS, PASS, TUG and many more! The IEEN is the perfect distribution vehicle for authors and educators and has proven to minimize fraud and abuse by giving them the ability to police potential copyright infringement. A list of providers can be found on the home page.